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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lifestyles of the "Reformy" and Famous

My, what busy, busy social calendars these corporate "reformers" have! Take Derrell Bradford:
On October 11th, Tri-County will be celebrating past and recent successes at a dinner honoring three extraordinary individuals with awards for their commitment to children and education. Thomas J. Healey of Healey Development and Sharon C. Taylor of Prudential will receive the Hall of Fame Award and, Derrell Bradford of Better Education for Kids will receive the Making a Difference Award.
At $500 (& up!) a ticket, you can be sure no public school teacher can afford to attend. Of course, that's Tuesday night, so while Derrell is getting his award, I and millions of my fellow "paid for breathing" brothers and sisters will be correcting papers, making lesson plans, and packing our lunch boxes for the next day when we have to actually get up early and teach.

But this is but one night in the life of the "reformy" and famous:
18th Anniversary Gala
Thursday, October 20, 2011 
The W Washington D.C. Hotel 
515 15th Street, NW 
The Center for Education Reform is planning an event that is like no other in the education reform space. CER’s 18th Anniversary Gala and Awards Show will be featuring tributes to our 2011 EdReformie Honorees in Motown, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Classic Rock, New Age, and a little bit Country.
The Reformers:While the evening’s entertainment involves some major headliners, we’ve created our own ensemble, “The Reformers” – education reformers with talent. The Reformers are the only rock group solely committed to celebrating education reform - ever! Auditions are still open through September 20.
Derrell Bradford  
on Vocals 
Sorry, another school night for me; plus, the $318 ticket price is a little rich for my blood. But say "hi!" to Brian Williams for me, won't you? I guess he's not being a journalist that night...

Oh, dear - I did it again, didn't I? I questioned the motivation of people who believe in nonsense like the Merit Pay Fairy. People who bash my union and party the night away while middle class teachers stay at home and try to figure out how the hell we're going to afford health insurance over the next few years.

My sincerest apologies. Whatever was I thinking?

(h/t @PennsaukenEA)

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