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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jazzman Estates Update

I had some killer stuff I was going to post today that would conclusively prove I am right about everything. And then the snow hit.

Here at Jazzman Estates, we are fortunate enough to have a generator from our Florida days. Funny, we never actually used it down there, but it's been getting a workout since we've come back to Jersey.

We have a bizzarre tangle of cords running through the kitchen and family room, powering the fridge and a rotating selection of electronics deemed absolutely necessary for teenaged life in the 21st Century. I'm tethered to a cell phone and a waiting for the current tank of gas to run out before shutting down for the night and bringing our neighbors blessed silence.

For those of you in other climes, let me tell you: I've never seen anything like this. The trees... it's really sad. Big, beautiful, tough oaks just falling apart. The leaves are holding the snow and the weight is just destroying them. Driving around today for provisions, it was really, really scary to see how much of our electrical grid is affected by this; but the damage to the trees... well, we'll be seeing this for years. Again, it's sad: Joyce Kilmer and all.

Don't know if we'll get trick-or-treaters tomorrow. Sucks for the kids: who wants to go out on Halloween with snow on the ground?

Obviously, blogging was curtailed this weekend, and we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow. Stay safe and stay warm. To all of my readers and friends who are in other locals missed this - think kindly of us over the next few days.

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