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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Worst. Party. Ever.

Dear lord, this sounds like the worst bar mitzvah I've ever been to times 10:
Welcome to the official website of the EdReformies – Rockin’ Reform Revue! Check back often for updates and announcements on everything from the evening’s entertainment to how to prepare to join us on education reform’s Red Carpet to ROCK on October 20th!

18th Anniversary Gala 
Gala & Awards Show 
Featuring Live Performances by “The Reformers” & Real Rock Stars

And it's only $318 a ticket! Perfect for a teacher's salary!

Who are we honoring at this thing?
Honoring those who rock real reform! 
The Honorable John Boehner
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Katherine Brittain Bradley
President, CityBridge Foundation
Kevin P. Chavous
Former DC Councilmember & Partner, SNR Denton
John Fisher
President, Pisces, Inc. & Chairman, KIPP Foundation
Steven Klinsky
Founder & CEO, New Mountain Capital
John Legend
Activist & Entertainer
Eva S. Moskowitz
Former NYC Councilmember & CEO, Success Charter Network
Brian Williams
Anchor & Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News
Any actual educators here? You know, the people who actually go in and teach the kids?


Oh, and who's in this band called "The Reformers"?
The Reformers:While the evening’s entertainment involves some major headliners, we’ve created our own ensemble, “The Reformers” – education reformers with talent. The Reformers are the only rock group solely committed to celebrating education reform - ever! Auditions are still open through September 20. Contact18th@edreform.com for more information..

Dawn Chavous
Students First PA
Lead Vocals

Kenneth Campbell
Black Alliance for Educational Options
on Vocals

Jonas Chartock
Leading Educators
on Vocals

Derrell Bradford
on Vocals

Bob Bowdon
“The Cartel”
on Keyboard & Vocals

Joe Williams
Democrats for Education Reform
on Vocals
I get to hear Bradford and Bowdon sing together, and it only costs me $318?!?! Screw that subscription to the Met I was saving up for...

But, of course, this is all about the kids...

While Bob and Derrell and the rest are partying the night away and "advancing" themselves, I and over three million of my colleagues will be at home, grading papers, planning lessons, making our brown bag lunches, and going to bed early so we can go into our schools bright and early the next day and...

Screw up the future of America with our union jobs that have no accountability because we don't really care about "moving the needle on student achievement" as much as these karaoke all-stars.

Have a super night, guys and gals. Believe me, we'll all be thinking about you...


czarejs said...

I almost choked on this. Then I said this can't be real. Now I just shake my head.

Jim Boice said...

This is not surprising considering that NO ONE WHO WORKS FOR BETTER EDUCATION FOR KIDS HAS EVER EVEN BEEN A TEACHER. HOW CAN YOU BE AN EXPERT IN SOMETHING IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT? Would someone ask Bradford to explain his background in education and why he's qualified to "reform" New Jersey's educational system?

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day when these type of people are at the controls of future minds that will be the future. you have to wonder if we even have a future