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Monday, September 5, 2011

Back To School

Another summer come and gone. Another break for Jersey Jazzman as I return to my first, best job: music teacher.

Honestly, I do need a break from here. Not to say I won't post over the next month, but the frequency is going to be cut way back for a while. Teaching just takes up to much of the day, and when you add in family obligations, trying to get to the gym, and maybe even trying to write some music... well, something's got to give.

And I need to step back and just think a bit about what's happened with this blog over the past year. I never really thought anyone was paying much attention here; now, all of a sudden, I'm a "widely-read teacher blogger" and I'm being called out by some of the bigwigs of corporate "reform." It's a little surprising, to be honest.

I only started this thing because I was frustrated at not having any place to say what I want to say about the attack on my profession. I thought I'd be preaching mostly to the choir. Turns out I've turned a few heads. That's good, but I just don't have the time or resources to go toe-to-toe with full-time professionals on a sustained basis. There's only so much a working teacher can do.

That's why we need more us teachers starting blogs and writing letters to the editor and calling radio stations and talking to your neighbors and running for office and going to SOS rallies and doing whatever we can to influence the debate. Let's share the load here, folks.

Enjoy these last few hours of summer, and we'll talk soon.


codyjohk said...

I want to say thank you. I eagerly await each post. You make me think- your links are followed. I have learned much. I am pondering taking up a blog of my own. I am frightened a bit to do that as I now have no union, but I am thinking I better.

I can't think how you have managed to do as much on this blog as you have. Again, I thank you. (And also thanks for Twitter posts.)

Duke said...

I can't tell you how much that means, codyjohk. Many thx.

Deciminyan said...

Thanks for the great series on Education Reform. Best of luck in the new school year - your students are very lucky to have such a committed teacher. I look forward to your blog postings in the coming weeks.

Duke said...

Thx, Mr. 1/10! ;-)

Everyone, check out deciminyan's excellent blog:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything. I actually fully expect that lots of "reform-y" issues will be pushed this month while they expect teachers to be looking the other way.

I, too, look forward to your posts and send them all over. Thank you for being a voice for teachers and for the arts.

Wishing you a fulfilling and exciting school year, from one music teacher to another :)

czarejs said...

As we head back to school, I want to say thanks. You have opened my eyes to a great many "reform-y" things. Good luck this year and see you soon.