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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Conflict of Interest, Jersey Style

Andy Smarick, the Deputy Commissioner of the NJ Department of Education, serves on the Board of Directors of 50CAN.

This group is advocating specific policy proposals that are hotly debated:

Smarick is, of course, entitled to his opinion on these things, as wrong as that opinion may be. He does, however, hold a public position where he is supposed to weigh the evidence impartially on all of these topics before passing judgement. Holding a position with a high-profile group that espouses controversial policies is a conflict of interest.

Would we allow an official in the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to hold a position on the Board of Directors of Americans for Prosperity? Or Greenpeace? 

Would it be appropriate for an official with the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services to also serve on the board of NARAL? Or National Right To Life?

Smarick should resign from 50CAN immediately.

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