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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rupert Loves Rhee Loves Bradford

Rheefirst confirms what you already knew:
In his new book, Class Warfare, Steven Brill confirms that Michelle Rhee is being funded by Rupert Murdoch.  Murdoch,  CEO of News Corp., is currently embroiled in a growing cell phone hacking scandal. Rhee’s mentor, Joel Klein, serves as Murdoch’s chief legal counsel.   News Corp is the  parent company of far-right FoxNews.
According to credible sources, Rhee took as much as $50M from Murdoch.
As we in New Jersey know, Rhee is partnering, to great fanfare, with Derrell Bradford's B4K:
As a 501(c)(4) B4K won’t have to disclose its donors.  Bradford confirmed back in June that Tepper and Fournier are the lone funding sources but that may have changed with the new link up with StudentsFirst. 
Bradford told the Star Ledger the partnership "should help us fund raise and work on reform in the most productive way possible." He said the two groups will work on "grassroots organizing and political activities in the fall, supporting reform candidates running for election."
The FBI is currently investigating whether or not Murdoch's News Corp sought to hack the phones of September 11 victims. I don't have to tell anyone what that means for the people of New Jersey.

I think the citizens of this state have every right to know whether or not Rupert Murdoch is funding a radical reform of their outstanding schools. Both Students First and B4K should disclose all of their donors and the amounts they gave immediately.

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