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Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Charter Awesomeness

That's some awesome chartery goodness right there:
Kooi conveniently left out that the 15 failing charters represented nearly 50 percent of all failures. His statement shows he’s as much an advocate for charter schools and he is for Florida’s children and families. Kooi’s job title implies otherwise. Small wonder that prior to taking his current position, Kooi  was executive director of Florida’s Consortium of Public Charter Schools .
Kooi cleverly attempts to misdirect with other numbers, yet it doesn’t hide the fact that the administration he represents is currently advancing policies and legislation which favor charter schools over the state’s public schools.
The Director of Independent Education and Parental Choice’s failure to mention that charter school do not  have to follow the same strict guidelines regarding professional personnel or curriculum is even more revealing. His  omission of this crucial distinction means he doesn’t want readers to see that the way charters operate might be attributed to all their  failures in the first place.
See, we need charter schools because fully half of them don't suck! It just makes sense...

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