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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Much Does a Corporate "Reformer" Make?

Did you know you can look up the salaries of every teacher, principal, and administrator in New Jersey? Just plug in the info, and there it is!

But do you know what each member of the NJ Educator Effectiveness Task Force makes? The Task Force in charge of creating a system to evaluate educators, but only has one public school teacher (and no public school principals) as a member?

We certainly do not know the salary of Derrell Bradford, Task Force member and Executive Director of Better Education for Kids (ha!). Even though he runs a non-profit which enjoys tax-exempt status.

I'm curious: Chris Christie capped the salaries of school superintendents throughout the state. How does Derrell's salary compare to theirs?

I think it's only fair to ask Derrell - who is such a "champion" of education "reform" - to disclose his salary. If he's going to set up the system to judge educators - and if he wants to use the Merit Pay Fairy to pay them according to the results of that system - he should try living in their shoes a little.

Come on, Derrell: put up or shut up.

I'll pay ya in quarters under da pillow, Derrell.


calugg said...

You can file a information request (not even FOIA) with the IRS. The IRS will have this info since "Better Education for Kids" has to file detailed annual tax statements (including salary and benefits of all employees) to retain its tax-exempt status. These records are public.

Just sayin....

CommutingTeacher said...

Oh I'd do that but can it be done now or after they have been in business or a year? They are a new entity.

Ken Houghton said...

That's the database where they spell the word "kindergraten," eh?

calugg said...

Commuting Teacher:

While they may only have been "open for business" for a year, they may have been in start up mode for a year or two before that. So, there may be the relevant tax records going back a few years.

My motto? "If you don't ask, you don't get..." (info!)

Duke said...

It's a good point, Catherine. Well worth checking out.

Of course, I'd think newspaper reporters would be just as interested as a little old blogger like me...