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Monday, August 29, 2011

Derrell Bradford Channels Emily Post

Apparently, there's been some rudeness over at B4K:
This page is for discussion. The discussion can be intense, but it should not be acrimonious. This page is not for snark (though a good turn of phrase is appreciated), barbs, insults or incriminations. Everyone here wants to help kids. There are often differences of opinion about how that should be done. Feelings are as welcome as facts, but keep it civil.
Here's how to keep it "civil," apparently:

I go up against the president of the teachers union in New Jersey all the time, right? She's got a bad haircut and terrible fashion, right?
How "civil."

Derrell also has problems with anonymity:
Anonymity here is generally frowned upon. Anonymity creates fights, not debate. Standing up for what you believe in is hard, and that's why so few people do it. Here, we're trying to create an environment where you can be you, because who you are - your experience and voice - matters. To wit: in April of 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not send an anonymous letter from the Birmingham jail.
Gosh, whoever could he be thinking of?

I've already told you why I'm anonymous; you can take it or leave it. I may change my mind at some point, but I think my reasons are valid; moreover, they are reasons Derrell will never fully understand because he doesn't teach in a public school. He has no idea what my week is like as a public school teacher, so I hope he'll forgive me if I don't much cotton to his sanctimonious tut-tutting.

But why does he even really care? Does he really consider us anonymous teacher bloggers a threat? Is that why you get banned at B4K for even mentioning the existence of this blog?

Derrell does this professionally; I haven't made one damn dime from this blog. He has two extremely wealthy backers funding his operation; I'm living off of the stuff in the freezer until September 15 when I get my first paycheck of the year. He was appointed to the governor's task force; I was appointed to my school's fire safety committee. He gets to go on TV and talk about subjects in which he has no experience and no education; I have two masters degrees and 10 years in front of the kids, and I can't even get past the screener to pose a question on "Ask The Governor."

If I'm not speaking the truth, I should be very, very easy to dismiss. I have no power, no clout, no access, no funding, no staff - nothing. I'm just an increasingly angry teacher with the ability to read real research, decent amateur statistics ability, and a smart mouth.

Why would anyone like Derrell worry one minute about anyone like me?

Unless... maybe I'm making a point.

The Merit Pay Fairy says:
We fairies don't like it when youse teachers start in wit da facts 'n stuff...

ADDING: Hey, if the B4K ad is showing on the column on the left, click through. Maybe I'll finally make some money off this blog...


Jim Boice said...
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Jim Boice said...

Bradford has never taught in a public school, so how can he be an "expert?" How can you be an expert in something if you have never done it? This link has some info:


Duke said...

Wow - what a collection. Thx for that.