I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Getting What You Paid For

(Cross-posted from Blue Jersey)

UPDATE: See how much money CWA gave to the Christiecrats.

The members of the Democratic Hall of Shame just voted to stick it to public workers: cops, firefighters, teachers, etc. Their cowardly vote will cost middle class families thousands of dollars and drive away qualified young people who may have considered a career in public service before this betrayal.

What's especially sad is that these same Democrats have been happy to fuel their campaigns with public employee unions' money. For example, they were glad to take the voluntary contributions teachers made to their campaigns in 2009 (by law, dues can't be used to fund campaigns). But when the teachers needed them, they stabbed them in the back, costing them thousands of dollars.

What follows is a list of all of the Christiecrats who voted with the governor for slashing teacher pay, followed by how much money they received from the NJEA in the last election cycle. Teachers, read it and weep:

  • John Burzichelli (District 3, Paulsboro - Deputy Speaker): $8200
  • Herb Conaway Jr. (District 7, Delanco): $4500
  • Jack Conners (District 7, Pennsauken - Deputy Speaker): $5200
  • Albert Coutinho (District 29, Newark): $4000
  • Angel Fuentes (District 5, Camden): $0
  • Louis Greenwald (District 6, Vorhees - Budget Chair): $6500
  • Pamela R. Lampitt (District 6, Vorhees): $4000
  • Matthew Milam (District 1, Vineland): $17,900, but this was shared with his joint candidate partner, Nelson Albano.
  • Paul D. Moriarty (District 4, Washington Twp.): $5950
  • Sheila Y. Oliver (District 34, East Orange - Assembly Speaker): $4150
  • Celeste Riley (District 3, Bridgeton): $0
  • Kevin J. Ryan (District 36, Nutley): $0
  • L. Grace Spencer (District 29, Newark - Deputy Speaker) $0
  • Gilbert L. "Whip" Wilson (District 5 - Camden): $0

  • Jim Beach - (District 6, Vorhees): $3700
  • Fred Madden - (District 4, Washington Township): $0
  • Donald Norcross - (District 5, Camden): $3000
  • Teresa Ruiz - (District 29, Newark): $0
  • Brian Stack - (District 33, Union City): $1050
  • Steve Sweeney - (District 3, West Deptford, Senate President): $0
  • Jeff Van Drew - (District 1, Dennis Township): $600
  • Jim Whelan - (District 2, Atlantic City): $500

I'd like to point out that the NJEA also gave $7400 to the Essex County Democratic Committee, stomping grounds for Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver.

They also gave $68,000 to the Senate, Assembly, and State Democratic Committees. Some of that money certainly made it's way to the Christiecrats.

It's also worth noting that NJEA gave $131,900 to Republicans.

Not really an investment that paid off, is it? 


Anonymous said...

Do most unions negotiate for all or just some of their members? The NJEA has been split for years. If all contracts expired at the same time then they would have more political power. It's a splintered group with districts jealous of one another.

Teachers might be better off in a union pool and then assigned to districts based on needs like those in construction unions.

Some schools start teachers at a salary they would have to work ten years at another to obtain.

Some teachers max out in 11 years (salary) and others 22...

I've gotten off topic...but they have some more money to spend.

Duke said...

All good points. I don't know if the locals system works well or not - it's worth pondering...