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Monday, June 20, 2011

More "White People... Destroy and Leave"

Good luck, Detroit:
Gov. Rick Snyder will create a new authority to run several failing Detroit Public Schools as part of a sweeping reform package to be announced Monday for the struggling district, sources said.
The plan would restructure the failing school district, which has a $327 million budget deficit, by moving underperforming DPS schools under a new authority to be run by current DPS Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts, according to sources.
It’s unclear exactly how the new authority would work. Details were not being released by anyone in advance of a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday at Renaissance High School in Detroit.
However, sources said that the Broad Foundation and other philanthropic organizations will pump significant amounts of money into the new authority. According to sources, Snyder has had several meetings with Eli Broad, the founder of the foundation, which is dedicated to education reform and has assets of more than $2 billion.
Gosh, what a surprise - Ei Broad sitting in LA telling black people how to run their schools. Who'd have thought...

The governor’s office said Snyder would participate in a news conference at Renaissance, joined by DPS emergency manager Roy Roberts and Ex-GM executive Roberts, who took over in early May as emergency manager, is expected to remain in control of the district under the new plan. A law passed this year gives emergency managers new powers to control academic and financial matters and to cancel or modify union contracts.
Because who's better at screwing over union workers than an American auto executive? And GM has such a track record of success..
Members of the DPS board of education, which has no authority because of the governor’s appointment of Roberts, said they were in the dark about the plan.
School board members reached by phone today said that the board secretary contacted them about 7 p.m. Friday to say that Roberts wanted to meet with them Monday. However, they were not told the subject of the meeting and were not told that there would be a news conference.
Board member LaMar Lemmons III said, “Wow,” when told that Snyder and Duncan would participate in a news conference about DPS reform. He said he plans to attend the meeting Monday morning with Roberts and four other board members.
“I hope we’re going to meet for them to say they’re going to eradicate the deficit created by the reform effort and the emergency financial manager, and that the district will be fully empowered so that we can refresh,” he said. “I don’t know. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.”
Member Carla Scott said some board members were concerned that a meeting with the full board needed to be announced publicly or it would violate the state’s Open Meetings Act.
As of Sunday afternoon, she said she did not plan to attend.
“I’m not going to break the law,” Scott said.
Silly lady - the law doesn't apply to them. They're rich! You just need to nod your head when you're told and go along with the plan to privatize your district.

It's the American way...

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