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Friday, June 24, 2011


Good-bye, Jersey Guys!
Jersey Guys Casey Bartholomew and Ray Rossi are out as of today (6/24), with their contracts not being renewed. (See the statement from PD Eric Johnson here.) Simultaneously, the station announces the return of Jeff Deminski & Bill Doyle to the 2-7pm drivetime shift. They handled afternoons on hybrid talk/classic hits WKXW, Trenton from 1993 to 1999, before heading to Detroit. (Their predecessors in that shift also left for a bigger market: John and Ken, the longtime morning personalities at KFI, Los Angeles/640.) WKXW program director Eric Johnson says "The Deminski & Doyle Show will continue New Jersey 101.5’s 21 year commitment of talking about the challenges and fun of everyday life in New Jersey. We are thrilled to have them back." D&D begin on Tuesday, July 5. The Jersey Guys' usual shift today was filled with an early appearance of "Big Joe" Henry, playing the classic hits the station features on weekends. WKXW is owned by Millennium-NJ, which is in the process of closing to L.A.-based Oaktree Capital. The New Jersey Board of Radio-Info.com picks up the story of D&D and the Jersey Guys, here.
This comes one day after I wrote about Bartholomew's despicable treatment of teachers who called up on his show and just happened to be women. Yes, my blog is that powerful! [/snark] Don't mess with me, Gearhart!
I hope the Jazzman stays away!

[No, I'm really not this delusional. Allow me a little fun, OK?]

Bartholomew actually told one teacher she shouldn't have bought a house if the big pay cut she was taking (thanks to Steve Sweeney and his cronies) was going to keep her from making mortgage payments - she should have anticipated these sort of problems.

Well, for Bartholomew's sake, and for his family's, I hope he took his own advice.

And don't forget poor Bob "Hoover" Ingle - now where will he go to spout off his nonsense every Friday?
I should have sucked up more to Millennium Radio! Like I suck up to the bestest Guv ever!


CommutingTeacher said...

Oh my gosh, thank you for this bit of AWESOME news on an otherwise very depressing day!

teacherdrama said...

At least one good thing happened in NJ today!
Those guys got me so riled up sometime at their sheer idiocy and rudeness!
Good riddance to bad rubbish!

thinker said...

Welcome to the land of unemployment boys...I wonder if they will have to take a pay cut now. My grandma would have called this "poetic justice."

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to that idiot Casey. He was the most annoying on-air personality on that station

Anonymous said...

Thank you Casey for ripping on the underemployed public sector workers. It's great reading all of their comments about how you affected their pathetic lives.

The real winners here are the private sector and the middle class. No COLA and a 2% property tax cap on their salaries. As Casey would say, "BoneHeads"

Anonymous said...

That show was the only thing worth listening to on that useless station. Al of you celebrating are a bunch of union whiners who leave in dreamland. Pay your fair share like everyone else and stop crying. If paying for your own healthcare bothers you why doesn't the union cut your dues to cover the cost? Oh, because then they can't have union parties and buy votes. You should all be pissed at your useless, corrupt union and not at the Jersey guys--but you are all apparently too stupid.