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Saturday, June 11, 2011

NJ's Worst Pundit

My triumphant return to the blogosphere wouldn't be complete without a quick look at NJ's Worst Pundit ®. And you gotta give it Bob "Hoover" Ingle - he has a way of seeing things that is certainly... unique:
Gov. Christie announces a pilot program in which private companies could run five chronically failing schools. The governor made the announcement in Camden where he was joined by Mayor Dana Redd, a Democrat who used to be in the Assembly. Districts with low-performing schools can qualify but there would have to be support from local boards of education. Naturally, the proposal was not well received by the NJEA, which opposes vouchers and charter schools — anything it can’t control and collect millions in dues from. Schools run by private companies in New Jersey may or may not be the answer to failing schools. But we will never know unless we give it a try.
Running around in our underwear while eating large quantities of shellfish may or may not be the answer to failing schools, either (it's been just as effective as giving money to private contractors).

But we will never know unless we give it a try...
If the governor says giving money to George Norcross will make schools better, who am I to argue?

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