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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kiss Your Investment Good-Bye, NJ

Well, NJ, you paid to train these cops, but Georgia gets to benefit from your investment:
NEWARK — Newark may be slashing its police budget, but cities around the country are recruiting cops from the pool of more than 160 city officers laid off in November. 

So far seven departments from New Jersey and beyond have hired, or showed an interest in hiring, the scores of young officers who were let go by the city last year.

Today, recruiters from the Atlanta Police Department administered tests to more than a dozen officers at Lodge 12 of the Fraternal Order of Police, the police union that is spearheading the recruitment program and hosting the departments.

"We all live in the same country, but we can't help guys here and other departments are chomping at the bit," said James Stewart, vice president of the FOP. "This is just a way to give our guys jobs."  
Newark Mayor Cory Booker has repeatedly said that cities around the country are trimming police budgets, but in Atlanta the police business is booming, according to Sgt. Shad Hutchins, who was running the recruitment operation in Newark today. 
Cory Booker is wrong about something? I'm just shocked.

Oh, but don't worry - I'm sure this couldn't possibly happen with teachers...


DeclineRedux said...

Toss in the fact that we are going to need more teachers in the classroom to educate the 4.3 million children born in 2007. The question remains will public school budgets grow by 2013-2015 when these children will be flooding our elementary classrooms? Or will teachers still be facing very large class sizes? I'll be optimistic and say the public sector will see growth again by 2016 marking 7 years of decline.


Duke said...

Like the blog. See above.