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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cerf's Family Business

Acting NJ Education Commissioner Chris Cerf is having problems with the family business:
The chief financial officer of Sangari Education and the brother of Acting Education Commissioner Chris Cerf, Randy Cerf toldPolitickerNJ.com he had no knowledge of Global Education Advisors, a company his brother founded, which undertook a $500,000 contract to examine the potential for charter school education in the City of Newark.
"Until I got your email, I had never heard of Global Ed Advisors nor have I been their CFO at any time," said Randy Cerf of Seattle in an email. "Nor do I have nor have I had any business relationship with my brother while he has served as acting  education commissioner." 
Prior to his appointment as acting education commissioner last month, Christopher Cerf was the chief operating officer of Sangari Global Education. 
That company's website lists his brother, Randy Cerf, as chief financial officer.
Every family business goes through this...

You broke my heart, Randy.

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