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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bob Ingle: Massive Jerk

Can Bob "Hoover" Ingle get any more stupid and offensive?
The Senate Education Committee has passed out a bill to create a task force to develop a date violence policy for schools. Health teachers would give instruction and there would be training materials on line. It’s no wonder the U.S. falls further behind other countries in math and science. There is no room for that with all the Nanny State curriculum. And why date violence? Is it difference from other violence?  Parents should tell their kids right from wrong long before they get to high school. Even if they can’t or won’t it would be hard to live in this politically correct society and not know that you don’t beat up on people. There should be a moratorium on these kinds of  bills until the Legislature has dealt with the pension, unemployment and other emergencies in this state.
Here's Bob Ingle's world:

  • If only parents would just tell their brats right from wrong, we wouldn't have any violence.
  • Trying to prevent violence is nothing more than political-correctness - if you're a school. But you should do it if you're a parent. Or something - it's confusing...
  • It's an obvious waste of time to teach girls how to protect themselves from unwanted sexual advances and assaults. It's also an obvious waste of time to get boys to think about women as more than pieces of meat.
  • Preventative measures to stop assaults on teenage girls are nothing more than government interference in your basic, God-given right to ignore the problem.
  • Other countries don't give a crap about violence against women, which is why they kick our asses in standardized test scores.
  • Stopping violence against teenage girls can only be addressed when everyone has a job and public employees stop having modest retirements.
Usually, I find Bob's frat boy antics and self-congratulatory idiocy to be either mildly amusing or mildly annoying. But here, he reveals himself to be the massive tool that he is. Gannett should be embarrassed for him, as Bob is clearly too stupid and too smug to be embarrassed for himself.


After I belittle efforts to prevent more teenaged girls from being assaulted on dates, I'm going to go suck up to our wonderful governor!

ADDING: Catherine Lugg, I hope you see this. Please take this idiot down - you're much better at it than I am.

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