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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Comment About Comments

Thanks to every who takes a second to drop a comment. cathlugg, thinker, lisa, schoolfinance101, and others have stopped by several times, as well as my favorite composer, anonymous (world's oldest musician joke, I think). I'm really grateful for that.

It sometimes take me a while to respond - I'll try to get better at that. If you can, use that function that lets you know via email that I've responded.

If you're enjoying the blog, and you haven't posted anything, I would really appreciate it if you post a comment or two - it really does mean a lot that you take the time to write something. Criticisms are welcome - if you keep the snark in check, so will I.

Of course, if you don't...


czarejs said...

Hey Jazzman
I check in everyday and frequently pass you on to others at my school. You are doing great work. Keep it up!

Duke said...

Sorry I forgot to mention you, czarejs! I always appreciate when you stop by. Many thx.