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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why Does Anyone Listen To Mike Bloomberg?

Only a few more months and we won't have to listen to Mike Bloomberg rattle off nonsense like this anymore:
You’re a believer in the empirical, in data. But after all the changes in standards, is there any credibility in the test scores and graduation rates?
It is very hard to explain complex numbers in a sound bite. 
But when the numbers went up, you were very happy to say so.
Yes. Compare us to Rochester: I think we’re at 30 percent up to standards. Rochester is at 5—5 percent! We’ve caught up to the whole state!

Of course I'm sure Generalissimo Bloomberg could have single-handedly saved Kodak from going under had he been mayor in Rochester. Because he's been just so awesome for the working people of New York City; he says so himself:
So you don’t think the fact that the economic gap is increasing is a problem for the future of the city? 
The question you’ve got to ask yourself is, are we spending money to help those that are struggling? We spend $22,000 per year per student. No other city in the country spends that. We have a commitment to having a park within a ten-minute walk of everybody. I don’t think any administration has done as much to help the whole spectrum of people who live here.
$22K a student!?!

Continuing directly:
The truth of the matter is that there are more private-sector jobs in this city than ever before, and the people struggling at the bottom have more support than ever before. We’ve created something like 300,000 jobs at the bottom end, where they are really needed. [emphasis mine]
The Bloomberg legacy: 300K "bottom end" jobs. Aren't you impressed? He is...

Time to ride off into the sunset...

ADDING: If you decide you'd like to torture yourself and read Bloomberg's interview in its entirety, make sure to pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that the New York Times says Bloomberg is possessed of "a vision that succeeded brilliantly, but incompletely."

No wonder newspapers are dying.

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giuseppe said...

The only area of agreement I have with Bloomberg is regarding guns and gun control. His education policies are terrible and his attitude toward unions is what you would expect from an arrogant Gilded Age robber baron or corporate plutocrat.