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Friday, September 13, 2013

Hilarious Ode to Charlotte Danielson!

If you are a teacher, trust me on this one:

Danielson, oh Danielson,
I still hear your domains calling,
My data's down, my numbers falling,
I became a "one"
When I met Danielson.

Based on Glen Campbell's "Galveston"; how these guys came up with that choice I have no idea, but well done, folks!

My sense is that Charlotte Danielson is a sincere educator who wants to make schools and teachers better. But I must have missed the vote when we all decided she has the last word on what works in the classroom.

And it appears even she is beginning to have doubts about the teacher evaluation nightmare that is unfolding...

Multiple measures... multiple measures...


David Milboer said...

I'm gald the profession can still have fun. It's too bad Marzano is so hard th rhyme.

czarejs said...

Brilliant..... lol "...I once was good but now I suck."