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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

@jaredpolis: America's Worst Congressperson

What a schmuck:

Yes, 75 year old Diane Ravitch -- grandmother, author, and historian -- is "evil" in the eyes of this sitting member of Congress. Aren't you proud, Colorado?

This empty suit is the 7th wealthiest member of Congress. But Polis is really just another phony Democrat who pushes idiocy like Race To The Top so he doesn't have to have a serious conversation about income inequity. It's all part of the hard work of the rich and powerful, slaving away to protect their big piles of lucre from the hordes storming the gates of Versailles. "Let them eat charter school cake!" says Le Comte de Jared.

It's a very interesting dynamic we have going on right now in this country when it comes to economic justice. Folks like Polis have no problem with political, media, and financial systems that allow pirates to accumulate obscene amounts of booty -- so long as they get a chance to get in on the action. To them, social "progress" is a billionaire who's black, or gay, or female.

It never seems to occur to them, however, that someone needs to edge their perfectly manicured lawns. Someone needs to bus their salad plates at their favorite five-star eateries. Someone needs to pour the asphalt on the highways their limos cruise over. And maybe those people deserve health care and decent wages and dignified retirements that last longer than a few minutes between the time they stop working and the time they keel over from exhaustion.

Charter schools will do nothing -- nothing -- to help the people who do the hard, honest work that is demanded by our capitalist society. Maybe Jared Polis thinks charter schools are so awesome because they might give a rare poor kid from the inner city a chance to grow up and become an obscenely wealthy a-hole like him.

But that's not the real problem, is it?

Hey, stop it with the facts and stuff! Can't you see I'm trying to put on a patina of liberalism here?!


Anonymous said...

See Projection, Psychological.

Giuseppe said...

With Democrats like Polis, who needs far right wing libertarians and tea party types? We need more people like Diane Ravitch and fewer Polisians.

Anonymous said...

I am mortified by this sorry excuse for a public servant.

As I sit here at my desk trying to wolf down a few bites and ingest just a few adult words in between classes that I should not be teaching (yes, the reformers who are now heading my district think it's okay to put me, an arts teacher, into English classes without certification as long as no one is asking about it), I am reminded of the novel that I have been asked to begin the year with: Animal Farm. I peer up at the word "totalitarianism" written on the board and I think, "If people like Polis could, they would."

Oh, America. You break my heart sometimes.

Unknown said...

Polis verifies my conclusion about the edu-corporatizers- they're all a bunch of inflated b@((sacks.

CitizensArrest said...

I hope that Mr. Polis reads this challenge or that it is otherwise made known to him. Mr. Polis, it's time to defend your allegations or issue an apology. You have made these statements about Diane Ravitch: "is doing such harm to public education" and "Can’t think of anybody else who has caused more harm to public schools, except maybe Koch brothers" and "her theories are causing great harm to public schools" You said these things as if they were statements of fact, not just your opinion, and I caution you that claiming them to only be your opinion is not grounds to avoid the issue. Mr. Polis, either describe in detail why your allegations are true by presenting your facts or apologize and issue a retraction. There is no middle ground here, no spin or dissembling will be tolerated. I and very many others await your direct and focused response to this challenge.