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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Michelle Rhee's Book Is A Huge Failure

A week ago, I asked if Michelle Rhee's anti-teacher, anti-union screed book Radical was a flop. It hadn't cracked the NY Times bestseller list, and sales were not strong on Amazon:

As I said, I know nothing about publishing, so maybe a book like Radical needs time to get traction - even if Rhee has been on a dream book tour that included many national media outlets including The Daily Show, Charlie Rose, and This Week (let's see if Diane Ravitch gets the same bookings when her book comes out).

Well, it's a week later, and Rhee still hasn't cracked the NY Times list. How's her book doing on Amazon?

Oh, dear. I wonder is Harper has a merit pay plan for Rhee, based on her sales; you know, a plan like the one she insisted on for her teachers...

The only reason Michelle Rhee gets any attention is because a group of very wealthy people bought her access to national media outlets. But even with this outsized reach, her message just doesn't resonate. She has no real grassroots support: she is the consummate astroturfer, pretending to lead a national movement that, in reality, has very little parent or teacher support.

She was a mediocre at best an average teacher*, then a mediocre superintendent, then a mediocre, ignorant, and, frankly, incoherent "reform" advocate. Now, she's a very, very mediocre author.

No one should take Michelle Rhee seriously - and, it turns out, no one does.

I hope Harper doesn't want my advance back...

* Some of you will think I'm maybe wussing out here, but I'm going to moderate that a bit. I really don't have many objections to Rhee's second and third years as a teacher (she was clearly unprepared for her first year, by her own admission, but I know what that's like, so I forgive it (even though I never taped my kids mouths shut)). She was, by all accounts, an OK teacher by her third year.

My objection is really to her exaggeration of her record: an exaggeration so large that Rhee should have known her claims were outrageous when she was making them in preparation for taking the chancellor's job in Washington. The only person who seemed to care at the time was Bob Somerby, who was universally ignored by a fawning press.

Rhee's sin at that time wasn't that she was a bad teacher; it was that she only owned up to her record when she was outed by G.F. Brandenburg. To me, that's a far worse transgression.


isthisrob said...

If by "traction" you mean "conservative groups buying the book in bulk to artificially inflate its ranking", then yeah. I'm sure traction is on the way.

Students Last said...

Despite its reception, Ms. Rhee is working hard to promote the book. She's been on several talk shows around the country and has even resorted to engaging in what could best be described as "stunts." http://studentslast.blogspot.com/2013/03/radical-promotions.html LOVE YOU, JJman

ChrisGuerrieri said...

I wish I could say this coupled with Don't Back Down's flop the pendulum was shifting back but then I look at the bills my legislature is proposing and I realize there is a long, long way to go.

Galton said...

As a teacher of second graders, she taped their mouths shut to teach the obedience. When she pulled the tape off, the students lips bled. As a CHIEF, she fired a principal in front of an audience. Her second husband has a history with underage girls that would prevent him from teaching in NJ public schools.
Rhee is the perfect Poster Girl for the reformers.

retiredbutmissthekids said...

Interesting to note that we have yet to receive a visit in Chicago.Could be that she'd see at least 5,000 teachers (+ parents & community) in the streets, here. Also--were any of you as shocked as I was that she was one of the women interviewed as a mover & a shaker in America, alongside others such as Gloria Steinem & Bella Abzug? I missed the first half of the show, but caught the second (while answering e-mail), when I heard a familiar, nasal, whiny voice, glanced at the screen, and did a double-take.
Excuse me, but WHAT was SHE doing in that mix? I guess that would solidify the growing belief that PBS now stands for Privatized Broadcasting Shill.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, she will be on Bill Maher's show next week. I hope Bill let's her have it.

Ajay Jain said...

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Paz said...

Teachers, Teachers, Teachers.....

All I hear is 'Teachers'......

Sitting in a class with an incompetent or lazy teacher..the encumbent bereft of ideas to make life seem fun......your youth ticking away.....

My God! Who hasn't been in that class at some time.?

and all you can do is demonize her! Shame on you!