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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Michelle Rhee Book Failure Watch: Final Update

This, ladies and gentlemen, will be my final update on the sales of Michelle Rhee's reformy screed, Radical, which was released on February 5, 2013. I tracked the book's sales on Amazon over the past several weeks; let's relive the memories together, shall we?




(Ooo, a bounce back! Thank Bill Maher for that!)

And now, today, 3/27/13:

Forget about the Top 100; Radical isn't even in the Top 10,000.

The Daily Show, This Week, Charlie Rose, Bill Maher... I mean, J. K. Rowling couldn't have asked for a better book tour. But Rhee never made it past the Top 1,000 on Amazon, let alone on to the NY Times bestseller list.

Those of you in the credulous, reformy press - yeah, you guys, the ones who go on about how Rhee is leading a "grassroots movement":

Do you think that maybe you could start to question that claim a little?

Does this mean no one's interested in buying the movie rights?


Unknown said...

I hear the ghostwriter returned the money out of shame... ;)

Unknown said...

So her book is in a Dogfight with the reformer's latest movie for bird cage liner of the year? Relieved to know even Americans aren't dumb enough to buy this phoney opportunist child abuser's shite.