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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Michelle Rhee Book Failure Watch

So, how's America's Favorite Reformer™ doing in the book sales department this week?

Wow - even after her dream book tour Michelle Rhee still can't crack the top 1,000 in book sales on Amazon. And she never cracked the NY Times bestseller list - it looks like she never will.

And yet the press will still credulously report that Rhee's group, StudentsFirst, has two million members. Does it ever occur to reporters like Motoko Rich that maybe they ought to confirm SF's membership numbers before publishing them as fact? That maybe it's incongruous that Rhee has so many "members," yet her book is headed straight for the $0.99 bin?

Just a thought...

But I'm #4 under "Educators"! Behind a book that's been out for over a decade! Awesome, huh?

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Ajay Jain said...

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