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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Tax Cut: What's The Point?!

This is out of my usual wheelhouse, but...

Romney says he will close a bunch of "loopholes" (most favor the rich) and get rid of tax deductions - that will bring in about $5 trillion.

He then wants to cut tax rates by that same $5 trillion (most of that would go to the rich). He says this plan is "revenue neutral."


What the hell is the point?!

He'll be taking in just as much money in taxes after his plan as before. So it doesn't provide more money to either reduce the deficit or spend on programs.

And it doesn't give any more money back to the taxpayer, who (as conservatives love to tell the story) would put it back into the economy.

The Romney tax plan essentially leaves everything the same. Again:

What the hell is the point?!

Look, I'm just a music teacher, and even I can see this makes no sense. Am I missing something? Or was Obama (and Jim Lehrer) so groggy from the Denver air that Romney's total lack of logic didn't register?

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