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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Marie Corfield For NJ Assembly

UPDATE: She did it! I'm going to close out this post and update everyone on Marie's race this weekend.

I spend so much time on this blog cataloging the various sins of the corporate reformy crew that I often don't give enough space to what we parents and teachers can do to stop this assault on public education, especially in Jersey.

Well, I know just the thing. This is Marie Corfield, she's running for NJ Assembly, and she needs the help of every parent and teacher reading this blog.

The quick rundown on Marie is this: she is a terrific art teacher, she has two great kids, and she is a tireless crusader for public education and the middle class. Her opponent is a hardcore, right-wing Tea Bagger who is completely out of touch with the values of her district. This is probably the closest race in Jersey this election cycle: Marie Corfield can win this if she gets the support of everyone in Jersey and elsewhere who believes in public education.

Marie may be best known for being one of the very first teachers to stand up to the bullying of Governor Chris Christie. Her showdown with him made her a national celebrity; his blustering, obnoxious, overbearing response to her was the first indication many of us had that the man can't win a fair fight. I relish the thought of Christie having to deal with Marie on a regular basis in Trenton.

Marie needs all of the things any candidate does: contributions and volunteers. You can click on her picture in the left sidebar to donate, but I have a cheap and fast way you can help her right now:

The national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee targets a select few state-level races every cycle for special support. They need to know that this winnable race, featuring a working teacher, is exactly the sort of campaign they should support.

So go to this link:

Put in your name, Marie's name, tell them that you think we need teachers in state legislatures to support public education, and tell them Marie can win this race.

The district is NJ - LD16.

It will take you less than one minute, and it's important.

This post will live at the top of the blog until November 6. That night, with your help, we will be announcing some very bad news for Chris Christie and the reformy-types, and some very good news for parents and teachers. Thanks.


Leonie Haimson said...

They want to know the district # on the website

Duke said...

Just added it to the post: NJ LD-16. Thanks as always, Leonie!

Deb said...

Thanks Duke, done! Appreciate the tip. Wish I could vote in the 16th!!!