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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

nj.com Commenters Must Be Invertebrates

Atrios has famously said that the worst place on the internets is the comment sections of newspaper websites.

I would only add the worst comment section in America must be at nj.com. Especially when they have a story about teachers:

I'd be happy with the 4% raise. 1/2 of those animals are dropping out anyway.
No wonder the majority don't like this contract. It now means they have to perform, better yet do their jobs. No more hiding! 
kbThis time when they strike, fire them immediately. What Newrk schools need is a total turnover of the teaching staff...at least the staff that will strike. 
OutrageousBehaviorAnd they wonder why teacher's unions are getting slammed. What a selfish group of entitled individuals. Teaching in such a terrible district, to boot. Behaving like a bunch of union goons.. Perfect. 
Of course the unionized teachers don't like it. Being held accountable for results goes against every teachers union principal!
Best unintentional pun ever? Jazzman says: "Yes!"
What a bunch of unrealistic selfish people. First these people don't want to have to excel at anything either for the kids their teaching or themselves. That's why they work for gov't. This is a good step towards moving forward. It will take over a decade of thinking like this before schools start graduating smarter students. Second their getting a raise in almost twice the 2% cap that the state has mandated for property tax increases. Which means other city services will suffer. C'mon people I know your fighting for yourselves, but because of it the rest of us suffer horribly by the tax burden. People in private endeavors have nowhere near the pensions & benefits you will ultimately receive. But keep pushing these issues and beware that your city doesn't declare bankruptcy & have court ordered contract renegotiations.

Life for many American workers sucks. The obvious answer to this problem is to make sure life sucks for all American workers.

And on it goes. You know what the best part of teaching is?

All the respect you get...


giuseppe said...

The comments section of nj.com or any e-newspaper web site are a black hole of ignorance, wingnuttery, NJ101.5isms, vulgarity and reactionary Limbaugh/Hannity bumper sticker bromides. In other words, a snake pit of stupidity and hatefullness gone berzerk. These are the same types of self appointed vigilantes who burned people at the stake for witchcraft or lynched innocent victims for the sheer pleasure of it.

Unknown said...

Just when I thought the comment sections in TN newspapers were unrivaled sewage repositories, NJ proves me wrong. Ugh.

Richard Hofstader was right- we are a nation of 'boasters & buffoons.'

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, I am torn between wanting to avoid such posts, ad being drawn to refute them all! As offensive as I find the attack on teachers, I found the one in which the author calls the Newark students "animals" to be the most vile. How dare this egads1, who is afraid to even use his or her own name. What has made you so unhappy and unkind?