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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Chris Cerf Story (pre-Jersey)

In January of 2011, I published a four-part series on ACTING Education Commissioner Chris Cerf's career prior to coming to New Jersey. It may well be the most comprehensive look at the man available.

Given that his long-awaited confirmation hearing is this Thursday, I'm posting the links to the story again here. You'll find links to all of the primary sources I used within the posts.

The Chris Cerf Story - Part I
Cerf's tenure at Edison Schools and the sweetheart deal he made to take the company private using funds from the Florida teachers pension.

The Chris Cerf Story - Part II
Cerf's years working under Joel Klein and Rupert Murdoch at the NYC Department of Education, including a heavily redacted ethics report into his conflict-of-interest violation.

The Chris Cerf Story - Part III
Cerf champions charter schools, and leads a "Truth Squad" that monitors Klein's and Bloomberg's critics.

The Chris Cerf Story - Summary
Chris Cerf's career has been all about the confluence of private and public interests in education.

More to come soon about the tenure of Chris Cerf in New Jersey.

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