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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

International House of Education Statistics

I'll be doing the #soschat tonight on the Twitter machine, which should be fun (if TweetDeck for Mac stops acting so quirky). Stop in if you can: 9:00 PM EDT.

We needed a topic, and I'm sick of talking about Chris Christie, so I thought we'd talk about international comparisons. Why? Because they seem to be a lynchpin of the entire reformy argument: "Our kids suck compared to the rest of the world! Even our kids who we say don't suck really suck! 'Cause their teachers suck!" Blah, blah, blah...

It's just not true, and we need to say so. I thought it might be helpful, therefore, to have some links to my stuff and others about this topic.

First, here's me:
Tino Sanandaji is an economist who has blogged about this stuff before. He hasn't had a lot of play in the debate, but I find his work to be fascinating. Here are just a few of his posts:
Valerie Strauss has had some excellent posts about international comparisons:
Of course, any time Matt DiCarlo tackles a topic, it's worth reading:
Same with Bruce Baker:
Here's Paul Thomas:
And Mel Riddille:
It occurs to me I have a lot of reading to do before tonight. See you there.

Zombies, pancakes, and test scores: bringing the world together.

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