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Friday, July 13, 2012

If We Treated Banksters Like Teachers


I'm very pleased to announce that I have been invited to be on a panel for one of NBC's many Bankster Nation specials! As you know, NBC, like so many in the media, is committed to extensive coverage of the "failure" of our financial system, and is bringing in experts on banking - like me! - to discuss how we can learn from the "success" of America's schools to solve the "income achievement gap."

I'll be on a panel with 10 other teachers and one banker (actually, he doesn't bank anymore - he gave that up to become a banking consultant). We'll be talking about how the banksters need a real accountability system in place, how we need to get rid of their job protections, and how education has become the excuse banksters use to hold up real reform.

I'm sure at some point emotions will run hot and I'll start saying that all American banks are awful and far behind banks in the rest of the world. But I'm only doing that because I care more about banks than the people who actually run them.

Later this week, my wife will get her own hour to pretty much say anything she wants.

Make sure you tune in!

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