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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update: Happy "Where's Cerf's Charter Report?" Day!

Professor Baker rightly chides me for not being clear in my message about "Where's Cerf's Charter Report?" Day.
 I beg of you. Please don't push for an analysis to be done that can't be done well with current data. You know what we'll get
It's a good point, and I need to be clear about this: another b.s. report from the NJ DOE about the wonders of charters is the last thing I'm calling for.

Cerf said he was going to hire "an independent agency" to look at the charter data. But, as Baker has shown here and here, the NJ DOE's reports under Cerf are consistently garbage. The Global Education Advisors report on Newark school closing, shepherded in by Cerf, is garbage. Both Howard Wainer and Matt DiCarlo have shown that the "research" presented by Cerf about the "achievement gap" is garbage. And I've done my little bit here as well to show that Christie's administration consistently produces "research" that is garbage.

So, no, I'm not calling for a report from the NJ DOE, because I know that report, written under this ACTING Commissioner and under this governor could not be trusted. The data is not there to present a real analysis, but that wouldn't matter; like everything else, Christie will twist data however he needs it to suit his ideological ends.

I'm simply pointing out a fact: one year ago, ACTING Commissioner Cerf promised an independent report "as quickly as is humanly possible." He never produced it. That tells us quite a bit about him and his boss.

Pass the cake.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, broken promise,
Happy Birthday to you!


Unknown said...

Do we know if one was even ordered and it just isn't being released? Or was it just not done?

Duke said...

I have no clue. You'd think someone in the press would ask, wouldn't you?

Unknown said...

Can't we get the NJEA lawyers to find out?

Trisha said...

Ingle blocked me from commenting further. Typical Christie-lite... get in the final insult, and then throw you out.