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Friday, March 23, 2012

Super-Socks Not Required

A quick update:

Earlier this month, I wrote about the reformy love-fest on MSNBC, featuring Joe Scarborough's man-crush on Chris Christie and NO working teachers, nor teachers union representatives.

One of Christie's supporting players was the Superintendent of the Ft. Lee Schools, Steve Engravalle, who took advantage of his platform to both show off his Superman socks and bad-mouth the NJEA. He, Christie, and Scarborough all conveniently forgot to mention, however, that he is the INTERIM Superintendent; he's only been on the job for four months. The vaunted improvements in Ft. Lee came under the former super, Raymond Bandlow, who left for New York because Christie's cap on superintendent pay allows him to make a lot more money there.

Well, now there's this:
Job Details



A highly regarded school district, located in Bergen County, New Jersey, about 3 miles from New York City, is seeking an exceptional educational leader for its school system. Fort Lee Public Schools is a district that serves approximately 3800 K‐12 students in six (6) school settings with approx. 450 faculty/ staff, and supports its educational program with a $59 million dollar school budget.
I imagine that even if they want Engravalle to stay, they still have to post for the job. I just find it funny that both Christie and MSNBC touted the "successes" of a guy who doesn't even have the position yet.

Again: if Christie had any courage, or Scarborough any sense of fairness, they would have had on the president of the Ft. Lee teachers union, who would have schooled them on a thing or two.

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