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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pitchfork Academy

The stupidest thing I've read about education so far this year:
We hear a lot about how good our schools are for all that money spent on students. Over the holidays we heard students won’t have to take a biology test to graduate any time soon. It was supposed to start with current freshmen, or the class of 2014. But the Record reports almost half the students who took the test last year failed. So they’re going to work on dumbing down the test — or as state officials say, revise it. When I went to high school we had to pass biology whether we were heading to college or a job. It was a 10th grade subject. We cut up smelly frogs, experimented with fruit flies and all manner of stuff and had many, many tests. So, what’s the problem kids can’t do it now?
Our kids obviously aren't learning if they can't pass an invalid and unreliable exam.

By the way, Pitchfork Bob, I'll give you $100 bazillion dollars if you can pass that test right now, what with your superior biology education from back in the day...

I experimented with fruit flies!

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