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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Job That Never Pays More

Would you sign up for a career that will never pay you more than you make in your first few years? Via NJ Left Behind:
New York City public schools are bracing for a $1 billion cut. TheWall St. Journal reports,
A seniority rule in state law requires that the teachers hired most recently be the first to face layoffs. As a result, city officials estimate that every teacher hired during the past five years would be let go if the state moves forward with a $1 billion cut in aid to city schools.

Mr. Bloomberg said this tenure rule means the city will "have to part company with some of the best teachers." And because new teachers are typically employed in communities that are struggling the most, these layoffs would "disproportionately hurt the schools with more minorities," he said.
And what would prevent "good" senior teachers who make more from being laid off in this climate? The goodness of Mayor Bloomberg's heart?

By the way: they're talking about cutting 20% of the teacher workforce.

Oh, and NY is going to let a tax on income over $200,000 expire this year. But Bloomberg feels for Cuomo:
"Andrew Cuomo was brought in to balance the budget. He didn't create the situation. But he's got to deal with it," he said. "And it's Medicaid and education—two things everybody says don't cut. But those are the things where all the money is."
No, Mike - all of the money is in you and your buddies' pockets. And you've gotten away on the cheap way too long - time to pay up, sport.

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