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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Next Governor?

This I like:
EDISON — A community meeting conducted tonight by state Sen. Barbara Buono to talk about cuts to education funding doubled as a pep rally for teachers and parents who expressed concern public education is under siege.
The Edison High School auditorium was full of teachers, principals and students, and more than two and half hours of testimony highlighted the impact of reductions in state aid to schools last year.
Buono said the meeting was important to bring residents together to create a louder voice against the "abandonment of public education."
"We have to let the governor know that we care," Buono said.
I mentioned this before: the state Dems should be looking at their talent pool of women to take on Christie. It's very easy to picture this:

with Buono as Clinton and Christie as Lazio. Can't say that I have much of a feel for Buono as a candidate, but her instincts are obviously pretty good.

So keep it up Senator - we've got your back.

"I wanted to put a human face on Christie's $1 billion cuts to education," said Buono, beckoning to the two-hour-long line of outraged citizens, many of them women armed with stats and the animal warmth of an anti-Christie crowd.
John Wisniewski,  are you paying attention?

ADDING MORE: Same report:
The trudging line of irritation over Christie's education agenda included mothers whose children's class sizes bulged at the start of the school year, students complaining about downsized resources, and at least one jock in a varsity jacket bewildered by the lack of school bus service to football games. 
I'm telling you...

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