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Monday, July 6, 2015

Where In The World Is Chris Cerf?

When Chris Christie appointed Cami Anderson to lead (the dismantling of) Newark's schools, she was all over the media, talking about her life and her plans for the district.

When Chris Christie hired Paymon Rouhanifard as the head (of dismantling) Camden's schools, he was all over the news, talking about his life and his plan for the district.

Now Chris Christie has named Chris Cerf, his former Acting Commissioner of Education, to lead Newark's schools. And he's...

Not to be found.

Wall St. Journal, 7/2/15: "Mr. Cerf declined to comment."

NJ.com, 6/22/15: "Cerf could not be reached for comment, and Education Commissioner David Hespe declined to answer questions."

NY Times, 6/22/15: "Mr. Cerf declined to comment Monday."

New Jersey's Board of Education will hold a special executive session on Friday to discuss the superintendent position of Newark Public Schools, according to its president. 
The board will meet behind closed doors from 9:30 a.m. to noon but will not take any action, according to the state Department of Education. The discussion will be held in executive session because it is a personnel issue, board President Mark Biedron said. [emphasis mine]
Does anyone else find this odd? Chris Cerf is going to be running the largest school district in New Jersey. The tenure of his predecessor was extremely contentious. People rightly want to know if he's going to continue her policies. You would think he'd be out in front of the cameras, making his case. You'd think he'd be talking with every reporter he could find, explaining why his leadership is what Newark needs.

But it's now been two weeks, and not a peep from Chris Cerf. Hey, it's not like the guy was shy about sharing his thoughts when he ran the whole state. Why isn't he sharing them now?

Where is Chris Cerf?

Have you seen this man?

ADDING: Maybe this is why:

He says the union would prefer someone other than Cerf as local superintendent, preferably someone who is an educator and who is dedicated to education and the advancement of teachers and everyone associated with the successful education of students. In fact, a recent letter by acting U.S. Assistant Education Secretary Heather Reiman alleges that Cami Anderson went around the state’s regional achievement centers to implement her own reforms. 
“What that letter said was that they [Anderson and Cerf], that he as her boss, should have taken more direction from the federal government and asked for more documentation as to what exactly were her plans and transformation, her plans for reform and not just give her a blanket waiver — which is what he did,” Abeigon said.
 Oh, my.

ADDING MORE: And then there's this from State Senator Ronald Rice:
The State Board of Education members should not approve a contract of any kind for former Commissioner Christopher Cerf. In fact they should ask themselves: Why would a former State Commissioner of Education want to come back to be superintendent of the Newark Public Schools given the many unanswered questions that remained after he resigned his position in Trenton? There are questions about his veracity, integrity and the business dealings that took place prior to his becoming the commissioner and during his tenure.
Oh, dear.

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Giuseppe said...

Where in the world is Chris Cerf? It's also amazing how quickly Cami Anderson has disappeared from the scene and become an instant non-person. Unless I missed it, you would think the press would have had a field day pursuing her non stop for comments and reactions from being thrown under the bus.