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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New NJ Spotlight Piece: Why Teachers Need To Stand Up For Themselves

I've got a new piece in NJ Spotlight this week. An excerpt:
"All this raises a larger point: what sort of people do we want teaching in our schools? Educators who demand that they be respected and treated as the career professionals they are? Or employees who meekly accept frozen pay, diminished benefits, and degraded workplace protections? 
Who are the better role models for our students? Who are the people more likely to be able to command a classroom and lead their lessons with poise and confidence? Career educators who believe enough in their own abilities to insist on fair wages and tenure protections are employees who set a tone in their schools and their communities of respect, self-reliance, and integrity. 
The notion that teachers, alone among all professions, shouldn’t act in their own interests is simply absurd. Yes, there needs to be accountability; yes, there are limits on what we can pay teachers. 
But standing up for yourself isn’t a character flaw; it is a virtue. So if we want put an excellent teacher in front of every student, let’s start by acknowledging that teachers have every right to act in their own, enlightened self-interest."
As they say: read the whole thing.


Marie Corfield said...

Great piece! No one can 'give' us respect; we must demand it and expect it. It starts with us. Not fighting back sends the message that teachers don't care.

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