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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Education Law Center Fundraiser, This Thursday

The Education Law Center is having their annual fundraiser, award ceremony, and wine/food tasting reception this Thursday, April 17. I'd like to encourage you all to attend.

ELC is the driving force behind equitable funding for schools in New Jersey and elsewhere in the nation. It's only through their tireless efforts that New Jersey has remained one of the most "fair" states in school funding. Their work in advocating for New Jersey's students and public schools has been invaluable.

If you can, consider attending; if not, consider donating to this worthy group. Thanks.

For more information or
to purchase tickets
please click here.

Full disclosure: I have done work for ELC.


Unknown said...

Please let us know whenever you plan on hosting a fundraiser for your school so we can post it on www.keelysproject.com

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