I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So today's the day Mark Zuckerberg holds his big fundraiser for one of the biggest anti-teacher politicians in America, Chris Christie. The Facebook CEO apparently loves the fact that Christie has personally insulted teachers:
"Scaring students in the classroom, scaring parents with the notes home in the bookbags, and the mandatory 'Project Democracy Homework' asking your parents about what they're going to do in the school board election, and reporting back to your teachers union representatives, using the students like drug mules to carry information back to the classroom, is reprehensible."
Click the link for many more. Zuckerberg also must like Christie's massive cuts to education and his proposal to slash even more from the districts that serve the poorest children.

For this, and so many other reasons, we need to let Zuckerberg and others know that Chris Christie needs to go. If you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #UnfriendChristie and send a message:

It's time for the Garden State to get a new governor.

We don't need four more years of this.

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