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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why Do Teachers Hate America?

Our American Education Conversation
A Play in One Act
by Jersey Jazzman

(curtain opens)

TEACHER: "I'm tired of being blamed for so many of our society's problems! I'm tired of my union being called "thugs!" We teachers are doing a good job! Why does everyone think our unions and tenure are so bad? Those teachers who died in Newtown are heroes, and they belonged to unions, and the senior ones had tenure! They were career teachers who dedicated their lives to education; they literally gave their lives to their students!

"Most teachers are good people trying to do a hard job. Stop attacking us!"

REFORMYIST: "You're reprehensible! Why do you hate America?"

(lights down - curtain)



be careful said...

HaHa! Let's play name the trolls...the liar, the pedophile, the
Billionaire, the counter of a$$et$, etc...

Xian Franzinger Barrett said...

Didn't the first 2 marry?