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Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Do Voucher Cheerleaders Keep Their Heads From Exploding?

Leonie Haimson Twitter-points us to this gem about the trial in Louisiana that eventually determined school vouchers were unconstitutional:

The second day of the state district court trial to determine if Louisiana’s School Choice Act (Act 2) is constitutional began with the plaintiffs calling Beth Scioneaux to the witness stand, Scioneaux, who has worked for the Louisiana Department of Education for 19 years, is currently the deputy superintendent for finance and oversees the preparation of the school funding formula—also known as the MFP.

According to Scioneaux, “All students covered by the MFP are considered public school students.” And, with the state Department of Education referring to vouchers as “scholarships”, she added, “The Department position is that scholarship students are still public school students.”
Under further questioning about local tax dollars being used for the statewide voucher program, Scioneaux told the court, “Even though the local school district does not govern the particular school a child attends, the local community still has a responsibility to educate that child.” [emphasis mine]
Isn't that wonderful? According to this long-time LA education official, the citizens of her state have an obligation to educate children who do not attend public schools, because they are still public school students.

So if you want to send your kid to a school that teaches that dragons are real and slaveholders were nice guys* and Jesus is against modern math (I am not making this stuff up), your neighbors must pay your way. Who are they to think they should have any say in how you spend their money?!

I think it's time we extend this way of thinking to the rest of our government, don't you? Personally, I think libraries should only stock comic books, and firefighters should fill their hoses with French champaign. That's my God-given choice as an American; you, naturally, have an obligation to fund my choice, no matter how foolish or inefficient it may be.
That completed the plaintiffs’ case, and the defense called state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education president Penny Dastugue to testify. Dastugue, appointed to BESE by Governor Bobby Jindal, told the court the Board “just felt” vouchers would be good for Louisiana’s kids. [emphasis mine]
Well, at least they're making policy based on solid research...

These people have been incoherent for so many years that they actually can't hear how ridiculous they sound. They aren't even the slightest bit embarrassed by the nonsense that spews from their heads. Somehow, they've isolated themselves from their own inanity.

This robot was obviously not made in Louisiana.

* One of the smart-ass Jazzboys just pointed out to me that slaveholders would be described by voucher school teachers as "job creators."

I wonder where he gets this snarky attitude from?


Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Hey, dragons are real. Aren't they?

Leonie Haimson said...

Thanks for picking this up; what should be noted is that for years the privateers gave employed the rhetoric that charter schools are really public schools; now their rhetoric has expanded into new territories, watch for this guys!

Duke said...

That's a very good point, Leonie. This is, of course, a standard Frank Luntz-Newt Gingrich Republican ploy: co-opt the language, and alter reality.