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Monday, April 2, 2012

Prejudice Alive & Well in Louisiana Charters?

Could this possibly be a late, bad April Fools joke?
A state Senate committee approved legislation Thursday that would allow charter schools to refuse to admit students on the basis of their ability to speak English, their sexual orientation or other factors.
State Sen. A.G. Crowe, R-Slidell, said his bill is designed to ensure that executive branch agencies and local governments stop including bans on discrimination against characteristics not listed in state law as a condition for private companies to do business with their agencies.
The state Department of Education contracts with those seeking charter schools were the chief examples cited during testimony for Senate Bill 217. Gov. Bobby Jindal did not respond to requests for comment about calls to unilaterally strip the anti-discriminatory language from the department’s contract criteria.
On the other side, state Sen. Ed Murray, the only “no” in the 5-1 vote by the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations committee, said the possibility of SB217 becoming law and negating the anti-discriminatory prohibitions in charter school contracts is “really scary.”
Murray said, “I can’t believe that at the same time we as a Legislature are passing bills that expand school choice, that we would also allow charter schools to deny admission based solely on a child’s ability to speak English well enough or play basketball well enough.”
“The focus is really simple,” Crowe said. “It says stick to the law.” [emphasis mine]
Is it 1954 again? Have we lost our minds? And how could Jindal, the son of immigrants, not have a comment on this?

Don't let anyone ever tell you the charter school movement is about "innovation." It's all about going backwards.

(h/t Ken Libby via Twitter)


Anonymous said...

So, Duke, the kid that doesn't speak a word of anything but inuit should be whapped into a tiny charter school so we can feel all politicorrectwarmnfuzzy?

Anonymous said...

The charter school can pick and choose what kind of pupil it deems acceptable to them but the traditional public schools accept all the pupils, including the more expensive kids who don't speak English and those with disabilities. So what's the point of charter schools again? Charter schools take public money so that they can discriminate against children. That's quite a deal....for the charter school.

Unknown said...

Charters are prayers answered for our brethren in The Knights party.

Charter Schools: America's White Future Begins Here!

From the Website of the KKK:
Segregated Charter Schools Evoke Separate but Equal Era in the US

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