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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Christie: More Money's Good For My Kid, But Not Yours!

Chris Christie, 4/10/12:
The thing that’s stunned me all along about this is that I don’t understand Democrats who are the ones who are predominantly representing these kids and don’t stand up and fight for them. I don’t understand it. Here I am, a Republican living in a suburban district, with an overwhelming majority of my votes coming from rural and suburban voters, who are generally served very well by their public education system, except for cost. And I’m the one fighting, I’m the one delivering every Republican vote in the Legislature, I’m fighting, tooth and nail, with Democrats who are watching the kids in their districts fail. So, I’m going to be talking very directly, in that way about it. And putting it on them. It’s on them now. [emphasis mine]
"...except for cost."

Chris Christie lives in Mendham. If his kids went to the public high school, they would attend Mendham High in the West Morris Regional school district. The total cost per pupil there is $16,807 (just under the state average of $16,937).

But the Christies chose to send their kids to the Delbarton School, an elite private school in Morrisville. Delbarton boasts of small class sizes and teachers with advanced degrees. Tuition alone at the school is $27,800, but the school admits tuition only covers part of the total cost of educating each student.

Got that, suburbanites? Chris Christie thinks $17K is too much to spend on your kids. But upwards of $30K for his? No problem.

May I also point out that West Morris Regional is undoubtedly responsible for educating children who have cognitive, emotional, physical, and learning disabilities; these children are the most expensive to educate. Delbarton, by virtue of its admissions policy, does not have these concerns.

Seriously, 'burbs: are you going to vote for this guy again?

Just another dad at a school baseball game...

UPDATE: Delbarton is in Morris Township, not Morrisville.


Anonymous said...

. Of course he meant the local cost, property taxes. Mendham is undoubtedly a J district, which means that the state and taxpayers outside Mendham pay approximately ___ percent of the cost of the schools and Mendham property taxes pay approximately ___ percent.

See if you can guess the numbers, Jazz.

Hint: in Newark it is 90, 10.

Ever think you are going to see a school budget fail in Newark (if they are ever allowed to vote again)?

Anonymous said...

You forgot the part about "other people's money"!

You call Jazzman a dog, so that makes you a flea--no, a tick.

Ask yourself--"Am I Blue?"--or red?

Anonymous said...

troll isn't blue. troll isn't red. troll only cares about green.