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Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Rule New Jersey From California

Apparently, Eli Broad's got it all figured out - which is why he appears to have pretty much taken over the search for a superintendent in Jersey City:
Several members of the public commented that the two search firms selected to find candidates for the position have close ties to the Broad Superintendents Academy, which trains business executives to run urban school districts, and that the Broad philosophy supported charter schools to the detriment of public education. Lester responded that many Broad candidates understand the nuances of how the process works and added that she was surprised that the search firms had such a high percentage of Broad graduates.
But the chosen search companies, West Hudson Associates and HYA Associates, will be given explicit search criteria that could possibly exclude Broad candidates. Lester added that the purpose of these meetings was to elicit from the public what the selection criteria should be.
Franklin Walker added that he was approached by Broad several years ago to enroll in the superintendents academy. One of the benefits that was offered was that Broad provides assistance in placing superintendents. Walker said that he declined the offer and chose his own path.
Of course, we all know ACTING Ed Commissioner Chris Cerf is a Broadie, which got him into some hot water in Newark. Now he's sticking his nose deep into the Jersey City super search. How much does anyone want to bet the finalist will be a Broadie, despite the board's assurances?

Jersey City is turning into a perfect example of the perils of not giving local citizens control of their schools.   Unless and until the good people of JC manage to wrestle full control of their schools back from the state, they are at the mercy of Lord High Executioner Cerf - and he will install whomever he damn well pleases whomever Eli Broad damn well pleases.

Just don't get on his little list.

h/t K Reed on the Twitter machine

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