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Monday, January 23, 2012

Cerf Charter Report Clock: 322 Days

Time to check the Cerf Charter Report Clock:

I'm sorry, but 322 days is simply not as fast "as is humanly possible." Not when the New Jersey Department of Education insists on granting charters to controversial, politically connected religious leaders like Amir Khan, granting him the ability to open taxpayer-funded schools in communities that clearly do not want them.

What is the point of pushing the envelope like this when the DOE won't even release the data to show whether or not charter schools are effective?

There should be a moratorium on all new charter schools until the Cerf report is released and vetted.


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't unbderstand your issue with charter schools, Duke, when you say they are "not proven to be effective." Isn't that better than failing inner city schools which are dramatically ineffective?

And it was deleted off Blue Jersey, but you had a long rant about religious charters and gay marriage and how it personally impacts you (Duke).

Can you tell us what that means? I can't understand your obsession here....what happened to you?

Anonymous said...

And then we'll hear your story, Anon: For Whom the Fool Trolls

Duke said...

Anon #1, if you read the blog, you will find lots of examples of how inner-city schools are NOT ineffective when controlling for circumstances outside of the schools' control. And charters do not do better when accounting for the same circumstances.

If you have high-quality research that says otherwise, I am always willing to look at it. I would suggest, however, that you stop by shankerblog and schoolfinance101 first (both links to the left).

I am a featured writer at BJ and, as far as I know, nothing of mine has ever been deleted. If it had been, I would have been told. BJ does have a comments system where users can rate comments as trollish and they are automatically deleted. I don't think that's ever happened to any of mine, but I will see.

I never said ME and religious charters affect me personally.

Maybe you would have more fun over at nj.com...