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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Moments in Reformy Hyperbole

Billionaire-backed and newly-elected NJ Assemblyman Troy Singleton:

That is why I am a strong supporter of the proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act (OSA), now under consideration in the state Legislature. The OSA would use corporate tax credits to transfer low-income students from failing schools into public or parochial schools with a track record of success.
Our educational foundation must be steeped in the principle that every child, regardless of zip code, should be afforded the tools necessary to succeed. Adhering to this principle however, can be particularly daunting in some segments of our society where significant outside factors, such as crime, family strife and lack of nutrition, have a severe impact on the education of our children.
The OSA, as well as other strategic programs to enhance the educational opportunities of our children, is the answer.  In passing the OSA, we must step outside of our pre-conceived notions and work toward our common goal of providing the best education for our children who are falling through the cracks, year after year. [emphasis mine]
So giving vouchers to a few children to attend private schools will stop crime, domestic abuse, and hunger. OK...

Cleveland's had vouchers for years with no discernible effect on student learning. And the effect on crime?
Cleveland Violent Crime

Underwhelming. Of course, we could try fairly taxing the people who paid for Singleton's campaign and use the money to rebuild our dying cities. But that's not "politically feasible" or something...

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