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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does NJ DOE Commish Cerf REALLY Want A Hearing?

There's a pissing contest going on right now between Governor Christie and NJ Senator Ron Rice. Christie wants a confirmation hearing for his ACTING Education Commissioner, Chris Cerf, but Rice is holding up the process. So Christie is holding up judicial nominations in Rice's county in retaliation; it's already affecting trials. And now former Governor and current Senator Dick Codey is being dragged into the battle.

What I fail to understand is why Christie is so hellbent on getting a hearing for Cerf. The ugly truth is that the ACTING Commissioner is likely to be asked some very pointed and embarrassing questions at a confirmation hearing. For example:

I'm sure I've left quite a few things out. And I haven't even addressed Cerf's highly questionable ideas about education. Or his ridiculous "pilot" on teacher evaluations. But this will do for a start.

Looking at this list, I'm tempted to ask Senator Rice to drop his hold. Let's get all this out in the open, once and for all. I think the people of New Jersey would like to get to know their ACTING Education Commissioner a little bit better, don't you?


rg said...

None of those questions will ever be asked, much less answered.

Deciminyan said...

After sitting through the Judiciary Committee's love fest with Bob Hanna's confirmation, despite Christie's anti-environmental record, I doubt that the Senate has the cojones to ask the excellent questions of Cerf that you enumerate.

Duke said...

You're both probably right. Now, ask yourself this:

If Christie was a Democrat, and he nominated Cerf, and I posted this tonight...

... what would happen in Trenton tomorrow?

Unknown said...

Great questions. If we had a functioning MSM these questions would have been asked at the inception of this deform movement. Such corruption and speculation will be the next financial bubble with our kids paying the price.

Instead, challenging authority gets the questioner banned...

Keep up the fight. For some inspiration watch the Mic Check at the Chicago Board of Ed: