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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Help Elect Linda Weber to Congress

Dear Readers of "Jersey Jazzman,"

If you're a teacher like me, this past month you got your first paycheck since last spring.

I'd like you to consider investing some of it in the future of public education -- by donating to my wife Linda's campaign for Congress.

There will never be a better friend of public education in the House of Representatives than Linda Weber -- that's why the Network for Public Education Action gave her its early endorsement. Linda will fight for fair and equitable funding for schools, oppose federal funds for school vouchers, and demand that charter schools return to their original mission as laboratories of innovation and never exist to make a profit.

Linda is a strong advocate for a woman's right to choose, for the environment, for civil rights, for racial equality, for pay equity, and for LGBTQ rights. We are a proud union family, and Linda will work hard to protect the right of workers to collectively bargain.

Her opponent, Leonard Lance, is a Republican enabler of Donald Trump. Yet Hillary Clinton won this district in last year's presidential race. If we have any hope of flipping the House, we need to win New Jersey's 7th District. Linda Weber -- a smart, accomplished, progressive woman -- is our best shot for putting another Democrat in the House and finally holding Trump accountable.

Linda is up against a September 30 fundraising deadline. Any amount you can give would help us flip this seat, take back Congress, and save public education.

Many thanks,

Mark "Jersey Jazzman" Weber

To learn more about Linda, visit her campaign website.

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