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Monday, August 22, 2016

John Oliver on Charter Schools: A Supplement

John Oliver's piece last night on charter schools is getting a good bit of attention in the education policy bloggosphere:

I may have some more to say about it later, but I thought some of you might enjoy some further reading about some of the issues Oliver brought up.

- Pitbull and Charter Schools:

Charter Schools, Pitbull, & Money, Money, Money

Make Big Money Building Charter Schools: Joe Bruno Shows You How!

Pitbull Speech at Ntl Charter Schools Convention - The Remix (this remains a personal favorite if only because it was one time I let my snark run truly free)

- KIPP and its "Success" in Context:

The KIPP Propaganda Machine and Its Willing Saps In the Media

The Public School "Jewels" The Media Ignores

Charter Schools, An Exchange: Part II (skip to the "KIPP" section)

And it's worth pointing out once again that KIPP, no matter what you think about their "successes," is a tiny part of the entire charter sector:

- The CREDO Studies (which Oliver cites to claim charters and public schools are about even in performance):

Charter Schools, An Exchange: Part II (skip to "CREDO" section). This is how charter effects, as reported in the CREDO studies, compare to the effects of economic inequality:

- General Charter School Myth Busting: 

- Florida Charters:

Miami-Dade's Charters Don't Serve the Same Students

Are Miami-Dade's Charter Schools Really "Impressive"?

Does DFER Support Pitbull-Zulueta Values? (Click through the link in the post for the Miami Herald's terrific series "Cashing In On Kids")

-Why Pennsylvania's Charter System Is Such a Mess:

The Selling Out of Camden's Schools: Part I (yes, this does concern PA -- trust me, and read Part II)

- Why John Kasich's "Pizza Shoppe" Analogy Makes No Sense:

Democracy, Markets, & Charter Schools: Part I

Again, I may have some more to say about Oliver's piece, which I thought was good if necessarily incomplete. Until then, see you at the pizza shoppe.

More pepperoni, please.

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edblisa said...

It WAS incomplete, but it deals with what matters most to people right now.....how much/little money one has in their wallet and why. If you want people to start to listen, you have to show them the money or the money trail. It was 18 minutes....can you imagine how long the segment would be if he went on with all the other problems? I was hooked into listening for the full segment with the "Kasich pizza shop" diatribe.