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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BREAKING: Feds Monitor State-Run Jersey City Schools for Civil Rights Violations

Last night, the president of the Jersey City Education Association, Ronnie Greco, posted this on Facebook:

JCEA is the local union and the largest affiliate of the NJEA.

A knowledgable source in the Jersey City community tells me this is in regards to dual language programs in the district. Apparently, the charge is that these programs are available to some demographic groups within the city, but not others.

This is part of a pattern within the state-run urban districts of New Jersey. Back in July of 2014, the feds confirmed they were investigating a civil rights complaint about One Newark, State Superintendent Cami Anderson's school reorganization plan. As Bruce Baker, Joseph Oluwole, and I showed, there is reason to believe One Newark has a racially disparate impact on both students and staff in Newark.

And so, once again, we are confronted with the question: why do Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson remain under state control after decades? What benefit has there been to taxpayers or students for schools that serve many economically disadvantaged children to be governed by undemocratic, unresponsive, and often incapable leadership?

More to come...

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Unknown said...

Told you I was right again. Bless God now if would please sue the State of New Jersey who took over the School Board in 2001 and missappriated 430 Million Dollars 0f the Camden student's Settlement Money from the Abbott vs Burke decision which left the children holding an empty bag that once held 430 Million Dollars. Stolen out of the hands of colored children Black and Latino in Camden, in Trenton, and in Newark by the State of New Jersey.