I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Saturday, November 2, 2013

BREAKING: Proof That @GovChristie Can't Contain His Hatred of Teachers

UPDATE: I have an exclusive interview with the teacher in the picture below:
I asked him: "Why do you portray our schools as failure factories?" His reply: "Because they are!"  He said: "I am tired of you people. What do you want?"
Christie just can't keep his loathing of teachers to himself, can he?

I figured that Chris Christie's handlers had told him he's got the gubernatorial election in the bag, so he should just lay low. Keep himself in check; don't make waves; just coast to victory...

The problem is that Chris Christie HATES teachers. So when a teacher - especially a woman - confronts him, he just can't help himself:

More from Momotombo at Blue Jersey:
Today at the Rutgers game, where press coverage says Governor Christie was crowded by cheering supporters, a teacher dared to ask him why he characterizes our public schools as failing. 
His body language and pointing finger tell us all we really need to know about his response. According to the teacher, his words were harsh, irate and incredibly disrepectful.

This is the leader polls indicate that a majority of New Jerseyans think deserve another term. During the campaign he has tried hard to hide behind a jovial and compassionate mask, but today he could not contain himself. A public school teacher challenged him and he could not contain his vile disrespect and disdain for his constituents. Again.

It is inexcusable. (And yet his wife seems entertained?)
Who among us thinks this is the example our state leader should set for our children? Who believes that this is how a Governor should treat constituents? Are people really willing to overlook that this man berates those that dare to challenge him - time and time again? This is no leader. This is a man leading from the bully pulpit and he must be removed from office - immediately.
Who could possibly think this is a great example of statesmanship? Why, none other than Derrell Bradford, Executive Director of B4K:

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As a matter of fact, Derrell: I've never been a sitting governor and raised my voice and pointed my finger at a woman who serves New Jersey's children because she dared to ask me a question.

Of course, Derrell, by his own admission, fell into education reform because he was unemployed. See, this is all part of a game to Derrell - just like it is to Tom Moran and the editorial board of the Star-Ledger. It's not like reelecting Chris Christie actually matters to poor children from across the state or anything...

It disgusts me to no end that this bullying, fraudulent, ethically dead man is leading in the polls. Not just because Chris Christie is a snake oil salesman and a vassal to power; we will always have these soulless incompetents to deal with. And not just because Christie is so clearly unbalanced that he can't even answer a question from a constituent without becoming completely unhinged.

No, what angers me is that the very people who claim to stand for the powerless and disenfranchised in New Jersey have refused to do their job and hold this callous charlatan to account.

This is the real legacy of Chris Christie:

Food preparation room, Paterson School 20.

Trenton Central High, staircase known as "The Waterfall" due to huge leaks when it rains.

But don't you dare ever ask Chris Christie why children in New Jersey have to put up with these disgusting conditions while his own children attend a school that spends well more than $30,000 a year per pupil. If you do, you'll get this response:

Chris Christie hates teachers because they know the truth: that he doesn't give one damn about the deserving children of New Jersey. That's why he lobs insults at them every chance he gets - even when he knows it's not in his best political interests.

Seriously, New Jersey: Are we really going to let this utter phony, this less-than-nothing, this bullying, preening, ethically-challenged, self-indulgent con man run this state for another four years? Shame on us if we do.

Don't say I didn't warn you, New Jersey.


Caplee said...

He has no idea whether schools succeed or fail. A test doesn´t say what s student can DO

caroline said...

I think his wife has a frozen smile and looks mortified. Imagine how he talks to her...

Giuseppe said...

Christie has already done so much damage to public education in this state I shudder to think what he could do with another 4 years. I never voted for him and certainly won't this time around. I read somewhere that about 60 "Democratic" elected officials have backed Christie. What the hell is going on? I have never seen such a spectacle of betrayal before. Why have these DINOs so actively sabotaged Buono's campaign? I guess Christie made them an offer they could not refuse. But what is Obama's excuse or Jimmy Carter's? Carter praised Christie when he was here recently and said ZERO about Barbara Buono. Obama did Zilch for Buono because he was too busy doing kissy face with Christie. Yeeech!

Josephineb said...

I pray that David overcomes Goliath on Tuesday but if not, we MUST, as teachers and those that support public education, be in his face to expose his fraudulent portrayal of our schools and educators. We. Must. Not. Stop.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with this. Our school system is a mess. Most of last year was relegated to teaching the standardized test that would be given at the end of the year! Our system needs reform so that GOOD teachers can teach material needed for the long run and not the scores needed to make the school look better for the year.

Mrs. King's music students said...

G. you have an uncanny knack for pulling important threads. Your comment about Dems for Christie is right on the money. I'm running for office in my town against incumbents who came out as Dems for Christie. It's uphill all the way not because of my stand on the issues, but because he's co-opted RNC spending on real Republicans in scores of local elections. As a result, thousands of voters are forced to choose between a Dem who owes Christie big time, or a Republican that's operating on her own dime. I'm up for this challenge but I don't think much of these tactics. Candidates in both parties are really dependant on voters to look beyond party affiliations to where each candidate stands on the issues. So look alive out there on Nov 5th. Especially Burlington City.

Lori said...
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Lori said...
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Eyeswideopen said...

WHY is the video of Christie wagging his finger at heckler, LEFT OUT??? ANYBODY can put a picture, and then fill in WHAT THEY WANT... This becomes propaganda... PLEASE GO BACK AND INCLUDE THE VIDEO!!! OR stay Quiet! And As far as a LEAK in a CEILING? The Principal should get his or her ass up on a ladder and get it fixed... not the governor... Left wing drivel... geesh! Each Principal has a maintenance man... use a little plaster, will ya?? LOL